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A Meridian Dental Lab serving the USA

Whitecap Dental Lab produces top quality dental crowns, bridges, implants, and veneers in Meridian, ID.  We accept all forms of impressions including digital scans.  Using a 3D printer, our dental lab technicians are able to consistently manufacture quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing cases.  This, with our focus on exceptional customer service, is what makes us one of the best dental labs in the Meridian and Boise area.

Call us at 208-318-4171 to schedule a consultation.  We offer a 1-year warranty and are dedicated to working hard to ensure you and your patient are happy with their tooth restoration.

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Digital Dental Lab

We bring you the best a dental lab has to offer with our digital resources.
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When choosing a dental laboratory, consider Whitecap Dental Lab.  We will work with you to create a tooth restoration your patient will smile about.  Call us at 208-318-4171 or fill out our Online Form

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From Our Clients


"I work for Scott Dentistry, and Dr. Scott has used Whitecap Dental Lab for several years. Eric's work is perfection. Dr. Scott is very particular and wants chair time seamless; working with Whitecap helps him achieve just that. We NEVER have issues with cases being late, or done incorrectly. Eric is easy to get a hold of and will rush cases for us if we are on a time crunch. When custom shades are needed, Eric contacts the patient and makes the process smooth. Thanks, Whitecap!"